BMG provides civil contracting and construction services for top & mid tier contractors, project owners and government agencies through our Balmoral Contracting and Totalspan Logan Central & Jimboomba subsidiary businesses.

Our experienced engineers and supervisors have a proven track record of delivering projects
to client and specified requirements and KPIs and are able to execute a wide variety of construction projects in the disciplines of;

Balmoral Contracting
• roads & highways
• bridges and overpasses
• dams
• pipework (steel, concrete and HDPE)
• concrete structures
• drainage structures & bio-basins
• non-process mine infrastructure
• bulk and structural earthworks and excavations

Totalspan Logan Central & Jimboomba
• steel buildings - design & construction of customised residential & commercial steel buildings
including warehouses, factories, sheds, garages and carports

Our exposure to numerous construction techniques and equipment allows us to apply these learnings for the enhancement of our clients' operations.

BMG's experience in the execution and delivery of the full spectrum of contract types has
proven to be advantageous to our clients.

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